Antoinette Logan is a multi-faceted media professional and international author, based out of Atlanta and Chicago. She has worked her way up in the branding and marketing field, as a personal assistant and brand ambassador to being the CEO of the full service creative company, The Altered Image Agency (A.I.M.) and the founder of the non-profit, Bonded By Birth. 

She has found a way to make it happen, whatever "it" maybe in the moment. From pain to positivity and a dream of sharing her love with everyone she encounters, this woman has set out on a mission to serve. She is not one whom does a thing, she just does "her" thing which can be a number of "things."

Don't put me in a box, I'll never fit in. Picture me as you would the universe, here to help in a number of ways, however the Most High guides me to.

She is a life coach who teaches from experience and personal connections, to business consultant who can help you hit the ground running. With Ms.Logan, you can really HAVE IT ALL. 

Ms. Logan has had many accomplishments in branding, public relations, producing of digital media, events and much more. It's easy to see why anyone can ask Ms.Logan anything.

She is your Information Highway to Destination Elevation. 


Antoinette is very knowledgeable and resourceful. After struggling for some time and after a 30 min. consultation with Antoinette not only did she help me prioritize my goals, but she also helped me strategize ways to scale my business. I'm super excited to implement the tools she's given me. She's so prompt and professional, and loves what she does. Now, I'm on the right track and I can move forward with business plans. I highly recommend Ms. Logan for your business needs. She definitely goes above and beyond!

S. L. , Branding Agency Owner


I set up a consultation for my new business and received correspondence in less than 24 hours. I entered the conversation with a plan and exited with a more developed, strategized plan of execution. My experience was nothing short of a professional and client oriented experience. I highly recommend this dedicated company!

T.W., Mobile App Owner

I absolutely do not know where to start because everything about Ms.Logan is absolutely out of this world. Just Outstanding. I’ve had a fabulous consultation call with her, before I met Ms.Logan I’ve always wanted to start the things that she absolutely is helping me with. I am more than grateful to have met her and connected. I recommend her services to any and everybody! We have gotten everything down and set within 30 mins into our call which is extremely fast. She is dedicated and is really out to seek what I’ve had planned on through. I can not be more excited for everything that has been set in place for me to work with Ms.Logan. My book is basically done and almost ready to ship out

C.M., Author & Marketing Agency Owner